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Malaysia's first triathlon clinic and race specifically for kids. Distance is shorter, rules are easier but double the fun with kids doing the racing instead of mom and dad. Organized by seasoned triathletes for our future triathletes. Malaysian Triathlon starts here.


* To create and develop grassroot awareness to the sport of triathlon * To identify and nuture new young potential talent for triathlon * To help build a strong Malaysian triathlon community for the future * To share knowledge, expertise and experiences to younger generation * To bring families together through sport and recreational activities


Anxiously listening to the race briefing.

Ashley showing perfect running form ... probably learned that from our running coaches.

Aina Farhana celebrating her 12th birthday on the race day itself. Happy Birthday and congratulations for getting 4th place. Good job!!

Hana in full cycling gear and in full concentration.

We definitely love Jasmin's one of a kind helmet.

Muhd Fariz having abit of problem in the shoe department.

I'll come back next year without the kickboard and floaties!!

Zhairen leading from start to finish. He's a 3-time defending champion for TriKidz and truly a big talent for the future.

Alamak ... anak ayah laaaarrr.

Dayan showing how its done : SMILE!!

Mommy is now a 'Triathlon Mom'. We're not just educating the kids but also the parents about triathlon :)

Lee Jia Yin glad its over.

Haris' supportive triathlon family in fullforce all the way from Kedah!!! Congratulations to Jasmin and Alauddin for getting 4th and 2nd place respectively. Well done!

This time all the 1st place winners get to wear the Champion's Yellow Jersey sponsored by Total Field. Champion Iman wearing her jersey given by Dr Wardah of UM.

Dayan is the winner for the 'TriKidz Sportmanship Award'. He also receives a winner's jersey.

The top 5 winners for our cute little 6yo category. Presenting our future triathlon champions!!!

Hope to see you again next year!!!


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